New events on the Calendar

It’s event season in the UK, and some great Amplifed-partnered events are popping up all over the place.  We’re deep in discussions with Geeknbury for some Amplified sessions to take place among the hot tubs, music and tents. There’s a £40 fee for attendance, but that covers food, hot tubs, events, toilet facilities, wi-fi, etc, and when compared with its big brother, Glastonbury, it’s a steal. And if we manage to get some sponsorship that price may even come down. And of course it’s free to participate in Amplified sessions once you get there. Could be a fun couple of days so if you can make it, do come along.  Apparently the field can handle about 250 people so let’s see if we can’t use our geek cred to improve the reputation of summer festivals in the UK!

Other events for Amplified include the forthcoming Reboot Britain event associated with what was (and probably still is) 2gether09.  To be honest I’m going to have to clarify where Reboot ends and 2Gether09 begins, but I know Amplified is planning sessions at one or other event.

Then I’ve been in touch with all the people who put their hands up for Amplified Glasgow in August. Next on the agenda is to get a contract with the venue in place and to start developing sessions. You can see my pitch to the Glaswegians at the Pecha Kucha event at the Lighthouse on YouTube.  Also we’re hoping to run a dedicated Education event for Amplified in August-September.  Just need to find a venue!

And last but certainly not least – and for the soonest of these events – it’s been my pleasure to help promote the UnSheffield event taking place on 19-21 June with a featured blog post on their site.  UnSheffield’s event theme is ‘Future Users of Cool technology’ and the barcamp structure of the event is again focused on presenting ideas, collaborative creativity and problem-solving – all things that align deeply with the Amplified spirit.  I’m hoping Amplified may be able to liveblog the event and perhaps facilitate a few structured conversations there too. The more that we collaborate on digital creativity, the more likely it is that we’ll develop a flourishing digital media sector here, which bridges, rather than widens, the digital divide.

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