New job for JJ – and a move back to Oz

1000headsSo now the processes are all in motion, I’m at last able to publicly share my news about my next challenge! 🙂

I’m joining the word of mouth marketing firm 1000heads as its Chief Operating Officer in Australia.  And I start in just a few weeks.  So I’m madly tying up loose ends here in London and finishing up contract work before heading to Sydney in the first week of March.  Of course, I’m sad to be leaving London which has been more than a home for the last four years – it’s been my joy and privilege to live and work in a place that is so stimulating, exciting and welcoming.  And I will miss the many friends I have made here.  But this is the social media age, and I will remain a part of the UK technology scene as much as I can from Oz.  There’s still so much to learn here and I regard myself as fortunate to be able to act as an intermediary between two innovative cultures.

And I’m looking forward to being able to work with a range of clients in developing their understanding of the changes in the way people are communicating, and the trust networks that are emerging from those communication techniques.  The whole notion of consumerism has shifted.  No longer are we really just consumers.  In a world where everyone has a valued voice, we are all co-creators.  And as such, we all have an investment in what we advocate.  So word of mouth marketing – or, let’s face it, communication about products, brands and ideas – is now a matter of developing a rationale for investment, and a track record in communication performance.  I’ve been impressed with the work of 1000heads for a long time now, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to add to their fabulous track record.  I’m joining an enthusiastic and accomplished team in the Sydney office, and hoping to be able to create opportunities for young designers, developers and communications professionals to help bridge the gap between old and new ways of communication.

It’s going to be fun. Come with me.

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