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Thought I’d post here more of the links I’ve been sending to H as there are some remarkable little business and technology tidbits around today….

Kim Beazley is calling for tax reform, after the revelation that almost 40% of families receive more in welfare payments than they pay in tax. So that would be the left, calling for fairer tax conditions – not the right.

– Senior American executives at Telstra have launched a campaign *against* buying shares of Telstra in the forthcoming float, as a protest against Australian Government regulation.

– Capital expenditure in Australia is up 7.3% in the June quarter.

– Net profit from the sharemarket probably contributed a great deal to that rise in capital expenditure, with iress reporting that the net profit of A$8.8 million from share trading in the first half of 2005 was double that for the same period in 2004.

– Looks like the developers of the Gold Coast tower, Q1, are about to go bust. A decision in the Brisbane Supreme Court has found that developers, Sunland, did not disclose a requirement to buy $41K worth of homewares after buying the property. As a result, the contract has now been deemed negated for one precedent-setting resident, and hundreds of residents who are now trying to sell their apartments for $100K less than they paid off the plan, may be able to get their entire investment back. That is, if Sunland doesn’t file for bankruptcy first.

– Mastercard has announced it’s going to become a public company.

– Netherlands-based ABN AMRO bank has signed deals with 5 Indian based IT firms to outsource their call centre operations. The deals are collectively worth 1.8million Euros.

– Car manufacturer, Mazda, is switching to USB keys as a means of starting its concept vehicles.

– Total Cost of Operation/Ownership of Linux is generally regarded to be 40% cheaper than Windows, according to an IBM-sponsored report.

– After a 17% slide in net profit share over the past year, Flight Centre CEO, Shane Flynn has resigned.

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