Obligatory first London post

well here I am in Pommyland. It’s a fine day – feels remarkably warm for 15 degrees, but it’s completely still and the sun is shining so I suppose I have brought good Aussie weather with me.

The leg from Singapore to Heathrow was actually a lot easier than the previous leg, primarily because it was less bumpy, and because I did indeed sleep through much of it, in spite of the constantly screaming baby in the row in front of me. Thank goodness for medication! So after spending my first two hours in the UK in queues and waiting for shuttle buses, I at last found myself on my connection to the Rydges Kensington Plaza, where I am staying.

It struck me in the bus on the way here how much London reminds me of Melbourne, only bigger, greener and slightly fussier, or more fastidious. There really are so many aspects of London that have clearly been replicated in Melbourne. I think that’s why I really don’t get a culture shock from London the way I do from other places.

My room here at the Rydges Kensington Plaza is hysterically tiny, but has a rather large bathroom (proportionately speaking). The room itself is only about a metre and a half deep, but it’s long so it has a little single bed at one end, this desk and a little cabinet and wardrobe with TV on it at the other end, and a door through to a roomy bathroom with shower over the bath. I’m about to reward myself with a glorious long shower after the shower in Singapore was nearly cold. it’s now 31 and a half hours since I left Brisbane and one almost cold shower in that time just ain’t enough. Then I’m heading off to take photos and go shopping before hopefully one Robin Harrison is actually going to contact me. Hint, hint, Robbie!

Anyway, I’m accessible via email and Skype etc, so anyone who just wants to put a message through and register your jealousy is welcome to do so!

*hugs all round* YAY! I’m here!!!

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