Off to the UK!

Well folks, I am getting ready to depart to the UK on the weekend, so will be blogging this trip as 30% work and 70% holiday – yes, settle down, I know it’s a shock, but yes, I am taking a holiday. Hard to believe, I know, but so is the fact that I’m nearly 10 kilos heavier than I was last February, so get over it. I’m healthy and I’m taking a holiday.

I have managed to find a pink and black fabric backpack which not only matches my girly pink suitcase, but which is also small enough to get through any security requirements, and which also fits my laptop, Nokia N70, all documentation and general necessities. And I have a matching umbrella. I look like a Chanel Geek, but it works for me!

Thanks to the wonderful Jo for house sitting my place whilst I’m away (it’s just appropriate there’s a Jo here, while this one is away!) and to all my lovely friends for helping me prepare for this trip! Ali, Sheddy, Deb, ABC, Shannie, Cammi, Jo, Liz, Kev and everyone else – you’re all wonderful. And to my muse – thank you for sharing this with me!

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