Offline AGAIN!

I’m in the process of moving to the new place and am basically going to be offline until next weekend as the wireless at the apartment where I am staying has completely died and my connection at the new place isn’t established until Thursday evening (Friday morning Australian time). Right now, I’m using an appallingly expensive Starbucks connection to write this.

Anyone trying to contact me from Australia, please note that my Australian mobile still works, but don’t expect a response from it – it costs too much to use, even for SMS. And preferably, please don’t send me SMS messages as I’m paying for those too. In any case, I’m only checking my Australian mobile once a week now, and will be using my UK number from now on. If you want to contact me via mobile, please email me, and I will send you my new mobile number. Otherwise please just use email and we can catch up at some stage later.

Also folks, bear in mind that London is 10/11 hours behind Australia, so while 3pm may be a great time for you guys to talk to me, it doesn’t work that well for me!

Okay – will fill you all in next weekend on happenings!

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