Oh Blogger Where Art Thou? (And Fast Trains)

Yes I know I’ve been terribly slack at updating my blog these past few weeks, and I have no excuse other than I have been otherwise occupied. I promise to make this week a blog-a-day marathon. I should see who is prepared to sponsor me, but I imagine it won’t make much!

This evening however, I am prepared to question the supposed success of the new Victorian Vlocity Train (no, that’s not a spelling error; apparently it is now fashionable to drop the ‘e’ in every word, since Flickr has been successful). The very fast train service has begun rural trips to and from the Victorian capital. Besides the changes to scheduling, there are serious question marks about the value of the new rail technology. The trips are only marginally shorter and while more trips can now be scheduled to rural centres, there is a question mark over the sustainability of a service offered as regularly as the current schedule intends. But perhaps most disastrous of all is that on the day of launch, one of the trains never met its destination, but instead apparently proved itself to those concerned about the safety of the rail service, and ploughed straight in to a motor vehicle on one of the tracks, killing the driver. The exact details of the fatal accident are presently sketchy, but one would have to regard the incident as a bad start for the supposedly convenient and community-building fast train service.

Perhaps the Victorian Government (and other state governments of Australia, as well as the private companies associated with rail transport) ought to consider extending current train services – including lines – for metropolitan travellers, rather than focusing on marginal speed improvements for rural trips?

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