On Employment

It’s true that I have been enjoying my job far too much. Yes, in spite of the long hours, the political, economic and research complexities of my position, I have managed to enjoy every second of my time with ACID. Even the ‘bad’ bits. That’s a rather huge admission.

I probably should be far more concerned about the fact that I am about to put myself into a very difficult position as Project Manager of major commercial projects at ACID, as I’m about to cut a budget by a fairly large sum. And by “fairly large” I’m talking more than the cost of the average Ferrari. This won’t be easy, but it’s necessary if ACID are going to sustain business over time. And this is what most organisations are about: it’s not lack of ideas that is pandemic in business today; it’s budget and risk assessment. Unless there is a strong indication of return on investment, there is simply no reason to support a business plan.

Interesting times. I’ll publish an article on this subject in coming days. A draft will be available here. Stay tuned.

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