BAD EDUCATION: Festival of Dangerous Ideas

The final session I'll be liveblogging at #FODI is the talk from AC Grayling on Bad Education.  We're getting started soon.  Keep reloading this page for updates. The tagline for this session is - will it take a revolution to enable us to really educate?  The Concert Hall is packed for this session so the subject ...

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CYBERSEXISM: Festival of Dangerous Ideas

The panel have arrived on stage. Julia Baird is Chair, and she is joined by Clementine Ford, Emma Jane, and Laurie Penny.  I'll keep updating this live blog as the event continues. [btw I'm loving the #FODI video trying to teach audiences about how to ask questions.  Shame no one is sticking to it.] Clementine Ford starts by acknowledging ...

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Technophilia: The Festival of Dangerous Ideas

The panel mounts the stage - Marc Fennell is Chair, and Prof Marc Lewis and Martin Ford are with us. Fennell asks if tech is addictive. Lewis says there is certainly the capacity of being addictive. Lewis says a high is not necessarily pleasure but relief. It doesn't necessarily involve withdrawal symptoms, or Fennell asks Ford if ...

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Festival of Dangerous Ideas: Paul Krugman

I'm here for the Bad Ideas session at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. Initially we are welcomed bythe Ethics Centre and by the Opera House itself. Krugman's session is Chaired by Andrew Charlton. Charlton begins by acknowledging Krugman's interest in science fiction. If sci fi is one of his loves, then economic fiction is one of ...

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The Politics of Climate Change

I'm liveblogging the debate from the City of Sydney panel discussing the Countdown to the Paris Climate Change conference for 2015, which is 96 days away. I'll be updating this blog on the fly so keep refreshing for updates. We've begun by filling Centennial Hall to capacity with people of every age and stage in life.  There's clear ...

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The Art of the Start 2.0 – Guy Kawasaki

I'm here at the UNSW lecture from Guy Kawasaki.  I'll be updating this post live online over the next hour. Kawasaki says that he wants to share top 10 tips for starting the next successful business as a startup. Lesson 1: Great companies start when founders ask very simple questions. Audacious goals are great, but they don't work ...

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Why the Dallas Buyers Club Decision Sucks

Pirate flag by mudisoft.

Yesterday in Australia, the Federal Court came down in favour of rights holders who can now force Internet Service Providers to hand over the identities of people who have downloaded the movie, Dallas Buyers Club.  (Let's leave aside the irony of the film depicting an individual who illegally smuggled AIDs treatments in to Texas for ...

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CISCOLive: Etihad Stadium tour


I was subject to an embargo on the first session of CISCO Live, but now the announcement has been made, I'm allowed to discuss what the press corps did on Day 1. So the first session for the press corps at Cisco Live was a tour of Etihad Stadium with its newly completed connected stadium architecture. ...

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CISCO Live: Disruptive innovation


I attended the afternoon press session for CISCO Live on disruptive innovation around the Internet of Everything. There follows below the live blog I took of this session. On the panel were: Kevin Bloch (Chair), Joseph Bradley, Dr Michael Briers, Prof Steven Tingay, Prof Graeme Wright and Ros Harvey. Joseph Bradley, VP of IoE Practive and Cisco Consulting ...

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CISCO Live: How do we create trust?


I attended a press panel on trust at Cisco Live on Wednesday morning. Here's my live blog of the issue covered in the session.  At the session were John Strewart, Senior VP Chief Security and Trust Officer; Mike Burgess, Telstra Chief Information Security Officer; Bret Hartman, Cisco VP and CTO; David Powel, NAB CSO; and ...

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