Due to a great deal of public pressure and calls from the community to take this issue so much further, with the support of Councillor Jane Prentice, I have extended the petition to adopt Daylight Saving in South Eastern Queensland until the end of the current Daylight Saving period in Australia, at the end of March 2007.

We are in the process of improving the design and registration process for participation in this online petition, and we are hopeful that all the people who have sent through messages of support but who haven’t yet had an opportunity to sign for or against the petition online will soon be able to participate in a streamlined fashion. Please note that the reason why we have had to ask participants to register for this petition is to ensure that (a) we’re getting real people signing on to the petition, and (b) we can verify people are residents in Queensland. We accept that the process is somewhat arduous, but once participants have registered once they can vote on any e-petition raised at the site, so we’re hoping that may produce a more active community. Participnats may want to request their own petitions on other subjects once they have signed up with the Local Government Association of Queensland e-petition site. The National Forum (publishers and maintainers of the e-petitions site, but who receive no profit from this petition) do also guarantee that email addresses are not published anywhere or used for spam purposes.

Thanks again to all those who have worked so hard on promoting this petition online and in the ‘real world’. Let’s keep the pressure on and achieve our ultimate goal of unilateral Daylight Saving adoption in the South East corner of Queensland in 2007!

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