Pics of the first day

I don’t have many pics as yet, but thought I would share a few shots of the first few hours of my time away. The commentary is in there with the photos, but really it’s just a tiny taste of what I’ve been up to since I arrived. I must get some shots of the hotel, some of the Kensington Gardens and a few street scenes. And I’m sorry I missed taking a photo of the London taxi to which I did a double take today. The old London cab network has begun to sell advertising space on the old black glossy veneer which I must admit, probably makes good business sense, but it does take away from the classiness of the old cabs. In any case, I was highly amused today to see a London cab roll up with standard beach scenes and happy kids depicted, and the words “Holidays2Queensland!” in big, friendly letters plastered along the side. I come half way around the world, just to face advertisements for holidays back home on the morning of my arrival. As Kath from Kath and Kim would say, “Noice”.

In other news, I am not noticing any jet lag and it feels like the time it actually is. I will go to bed early tonight to ensure I don’t push myself too hard – after all, I was up at the equivalent of 3am local time this morning – but generally I’m not feeling at all troubled this time around. Maybe insomnia is useful at times 🙂

Tonight I’m going to have dinner here in Kensington and tomorrow I’m doing the first of my work gigs, before meeting up with the wonderful Tonya late in the day. And I’m hoping to do some more touristy things as well! I promise to moblog it all! 🙂 In the meantime, goodnight Australia and I’ll see you in the morning!

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