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So I’m considering setting up my own podcasting operation partly to deal with the requests I’m getting from students who attend my lectures and training programs, and partly for the sheer new-technology-ness of the whim. Oh and partly so I can test the system for the Ideas Festival for next year.

After just completing a study guide for a new subject in the BGSB program, I began to wonder whether a study guide is somewhat anachronistic for a subject dealing with management of technological innovation, but I guess students will always want something they can refer to in exams and podcasting probably wouldn’t be efficient for that purpose. But as a mechanism for delivering lecture-style content, they rock. I know I’d much rather prepare something in advance for lectures so that in-class time could be spent considering the issues.

In discussion with my brother, I’ve worked out that for around a $500 hardware investment, I can produce a studio arrangement in the home that will produce near broadcast quality sound and programming, and best of all, with an external USB soundcard, I can pretty much take my studio with me, wherever I go, to continue podcasting.

Of course, to make podcasting really accessible and worth subscribing to, programs need to be short (sub 10 minutes) and the discussion has to be pithy and entertaining – after all, it’s ostensibly an intelligent marketing forum. Longer podcasts are fine for training programs but these aren’t marketing exercises; they’re commercial applications and could be used in corporate environments for staff reskilling, instead of bringing your expert operators out to every branch of a firm and trawling out the same material over and over.

But we’re now at a point with Skype and other tools for conferencing that podcasting is really a viable option for the itinerant blogger. Podcasting software is now quite accessible and easy to use, and for the more serious podcaster, the hardware investment I mentioned earlier can produce such high quality output that organisations and individuals can develop their own radio production studio in the office.

Talk about exercising the mind. With podcasting blogging operations on the rise, we’re developing such high quality conversations online that the content revolution so discussed in literature pertaining to the information society might actually happen.

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