Portable video

How to irritate your family when bored with the conversation over Christmas: watch YouTube videos on your mobile phone!

It might be irritating to others but portable video is pervasive, and in a follow up to yesterday’s link/story on YouTube eroding television viewing, here’s the techcrunch response telling us to just get over television and move on.

I’ve long been citing Rushkoff who said that it’s not content that’s king, but contact. There’s now a useful presentation which suggests that aggregation and context might be king rather than content. Either way, YouTube delivered to your portable internet device or your desktop pc is compelling because it combines the delight of frontier media, peer review and subject choice with the content itself. Call it context or consider it a basis for contact, it’s still true that content alone is insufficient to attract us anymore. And as portable media display devices become cheaper to adopt, and telecommunications packages for next gen internet connectivity become more affordable, the dominance of ad hoc video sources such as YouTube over traditional media is only set to grow.

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