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BA Swinburne 1992
Post Grad Dip Arts (English) Melbourne 1993
MA (Communications) Monash 1995
Grad Dip Ed (Secondary) Monash 1996
Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce
Board Member, Code Club Australia
Director, 1000heads Pty Ltd
Advisory Board Member, Social Media Week Sydney

Previous professional associations and positions have included:
Rotary Club of Fortitude Valley
Ideas Festival Advisor, Brisbane Ideas Festival
Australian Marketing Institute
Australia and New Zealand Communication Association
Society of Business Communicators
Australian Institute of Management
Like Minds Club
Adjunct Associate Professor, Creative Industries,
Queensland University of Technology

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Joanne is Co-CEO of Disruptor’s Handbook, she is a digital strategist, company director and commentator, with clients from the finance, technology and education sectors.  She is a mentor at the Telstra incubator for start-ups, Muru-D, and she has helped launch Code Club Australia. During 2018 she was the Entrepreneur in Residence at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at University of Technology Sydney.

She was previously Chief Operating Officer in the Australian office of 1000heads, an international word-of-mouth agency. Prior to that, she was a London-based Technology Strategy and Interaction Design Consultant, providing advice to firms on knowledge management through social media, word-of-mouth marketing, client engagement and execution of business strategies with emergent technologies.  She helped launch and was COO of HiBROW, a space for viewing arts content online, and she was Client Director of Xenial Ltd, a website production house. At Xenial, Joanne oversaw production and strategic development of large social networking websites such as Mothercare’s gurgle.com and Harper Collins’s bookarmy.com as well doing agency work for other media firms.  In her consultancy practice, Joanne’s clients ranged from small businesses and non-profits, to major marketing and communications organisations and technology research groups.

Her areas of expertise are focused on emerging technology policy and practice, including issues of electronic business, interactivity and social software.

Joanne has enjoyed a long career as a university academic, teaching in communications and strategic use of information technology. Joanne was Lecturer in the MBA program at the Brisbane Graduate School of Business at Queensland University of Technology. Joanne was seconded from Queensland University of Technology from August 2005 – January 2007 to the Australasian Centre for Interaction Design (ACID) Commonwealth Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), where she managed collaborative projects research and commercialisation.

As a lecturer at QUT, Joanne taught in e-commerce and related disciplines, and was a thought leader on technology issues associated with assessment. She was selected to be Faculty Chair of the Online Teaching and Learning Group for the Faculty of Business in 2004, and headed the University Working Party on Technology and Assessment. She also advised on the development of the University-wide policy on wireless communications. Joanne won awards for teaching in the Faculty of Business and for innovation in online teaching at QUT, the latter of which for developing a standard intranet for casual and permanent academic staff. Until December 2001 she was a lecturer and webmaestro at the National Centre for Australian Studies in the School of Political and Social Inquiry at Monash University (Clayton), where she taught in undergraduate and graduate media & communications. And she was previously a lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology in telecommunications and media studies. Her areas of research expertise were social software and information management, internet regulation, datacasting, digital television, digital democracy, electronic publishing, e-marketing and telecommunications policy.

Joanne speaks on a variety of topics for professional associations, conferences and professional development seminars in the technology and communications sphere, as well as acting as a business advisor, marketer and technology problem solver for social media.  In 2006 she co-edited with Axel Bruns, Uses of Blogs, published by Peter Lang USA. She also contributed chapters to the book, including one co-authored with Douglas Rushkoff.

Joanne was appointed by the then Premier Peter Beattie of Queensland as an Ideas Advisor during 2005 for the Ideas Festival held in March-April 2006. She was awarded a Commendation in the Pearcey Awards for Innovation and Research in Information and Communication Technologies industries in 2007. She was listed among the 1000Heads Thought Leaders in Word of Mouth Marketing in 2010.


Feedback on Joanne’s presentation at Like Minds, February 2010…

Joanne Jacobs gave everyone a master class in not just how to use new social technologies smartly and appropriately but, also how to be an engaging presenter. No matter what she thinks of Paul Clarke’s photos of her, they captured the passion with which she delivered her subject.


you can get caught up on videos, photos and insights from the Like Minds conference here and here. Among the keynote speakers: Ogilvy Worldwide’s John Bell, Chris Brogan, Orange’s Yann Gourvennec, Joanne Jacobs and Jonathan Akwue, who are all brilliant beyond words. No matter what presentation you watch, trust me, you’ll learn something valuable.


The 2 speakers – Joanne Jacobs and Chris Brogan were the highlights; Joanne was a performance that set the standard. Chris – an outstanding blogger and the reason why I came. He did not have the time to finish; what a shame!


There were particular vibrant and engaging presentations from Jonathan Akwue, Joanne Jacobs, Olivier Blanchard and the irrepressible Chris Brogan.


More like a rock concert, than a business gathering, the energy in the room was palpable. We were addressed by some of the leading social communications experts in the world, including Joanne Jacobs, Olivier Blanchard, and the amazing Chris Brogan.


@joannejacobs had a great style which the crowd responded well to. Her message was clear – there are good uses of new technology (like augmented reality) and there is gratuitous or bad implementations. She used an Ikea implementation as a good use – they allow you to overlay items in your space to test drive them, so-to-speak. She challenged the delightful (perhaps) but somewhat silly uses of augmented where you place a ‘code” in front of a camera and you can watch an animation come to life (so long as you are in front of the camera etc…). At the heart of what she was saying – embrace a discipline of being useful and actually think through what problem you might solve with the innovation.


The event was very well put together by Drew Ellis and Scott Gould and they managed to attract some of the best known names in the Industry such as Chris Brogan, Joanne Jacobs and Oliver Blanchard.


For me the highlights of the afternoon were the presentations by Joanne Jacobs and Olivier Blanchard. Joanne’s talk was funny and engaging and Olivier’s was interesting and well presented. It was a shame that Olivier ran out of time and had to rush through the second part of his presentation.


What Likeminds 2010 did was provide world class thought-leaders and practitioners (Chris Brogan, Olivier Blanchard, John Bell, Jonathan Akwue and Joanne Jacobs) that will hopefully inspire many others to take part in healthy, social media/online communications debates.


I was very impressed with Jon Akwue, Joanne Jacobs and Chris Brogan who was one of the first 10 people i started to follow on twitter – Joanne’s Gartner style hype cycle for Augmented Reality was very interesting.


Joanne Jacobs covered the post-lunch spot perfectly with a lively exhortation on emergent media.


I really enjoyed hearing Joanne Jacobs bang the drum for augmented reality – she was spot on and a great speaker.


I’m not going to analyse all the speakers & panels, as many others this week have done that very thing, but when Jonathan Akwue stands up and tells you that social media actually saves lives – you listen, when the incomparable Joanne Jacobs leads you through a perfectly timed presentation that literally holds attention like a children waiting for Santa Claus then you know you’re witnessing something memorable and special.


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