Public notice

If people were wanting to catch up with me for lunch to discuss research/business proposals/ideas/employment etc then NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

Next week my diary is virtually free. And given my diary over the last two weeks that’s a miracle.

So Mark, Hamish, Paul, Robyn, Tracey, Renee, Pradeep, Mike, and basically anyone else who has ever said that maybe they’d like to catch up for lunch, and can get in to the top end of Brisbane at around 12:30pm-ish on a business day, please contact me asap either by email, by sms, or by making a comment to this post, with details on how best to contact you.

There is some sense of urgency in this query, as I’m not sure if I’m even going to be living in Brisbane by the middle of August. Then again, I could be here for the next five years. I don’t know. The point is that you need to get in now, while you can. Tomorrow may be too late.

So carpe diem! Or at least carpe cena occursus!
For those who are too lazy to find a Latin to English translator, it very roughly translates to ‘seize a lunch meeting’

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