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I’d like to thank everyone who has expressed their support for my Daylight Saving campaign in South East Queensland. It’s been fantastic to receive your emails, signatures and activism in support of this important cause. Particular thanks to Nick Lloyd who has been standing on street corners, handing out flyers about the petition in Brisbane streets! You’re wonderful, Nick, and I very much appreciate the great work you’ve been doing!

The text of the flyer that Nick prepared is below… Anyone who wants to follow his great example and post this message to their own website has Nick’s permission to do so!

Daylight Savings Petition to put to South East Queensland Councils – Closes 1st of November 2006

Many of us are now aware of there having been increases of around 1500 people moving up to Queensland each week.

Many or most of whom are now living with-in the council zones of South East Queensland (SEQ) leaving there to be questions raised as to whether or not the 1992 Queensland Daylight Savings Referendum really does provide the true and genuine wishes of what today’s vote on the issue would really be.

There are 18 different councils with-in SEQ and all of them gain more light from earlier-eastern sunrise times than that of the ‘lesser day-lit’ southern cities of Sydney, Melbourne & Hobart.

Clearly speaking, the majority of the ‘No Daylight Savings’ state voters in 1992’s referendum did not live within the SEQ council zones as they apparently ended up complaining about the mornings being too dark.

Let the SEQ councils know of your say by simply visiting

Enrolled voters living with-in the council zones of South East Queensland are eligible to participate.

BREAKING NEWS: WA to Trial Daylight Savings for 3 Years – Source: The West Australian

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