Publishing (not perishing)

It’s always nice to return to the office to a pleasant surprise. Today’s surprise came in the form of a package postmarked India, and bearing the imprint of the Institute for Chartered Financial Analaysts of India University. Perplexed but curious, I struggled with the packaging until out slipped a slim volume onto my desktop, entitled Blogs: Emerging Communication Media. I admit that I had completely forgotten I had given permission for two of my previous articles (one sole-authored, the other dual authored with the wonderful Jeremy Williams) to be reprinted in this tome. This little publication comes at a good time, as the final proofs and cover designs have been approved with the publishers of the book Axel Bruns and I have edited, Uses of Blogs, and that publication will be out and on the shelves in a matter of weeks. So that’s two books and another few articles already happening this year!

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