Queensland Pearcey Awards 2007

Tonight was the Queensland Pearcey Awards and I am terribly excited to say I was awarded a Commendation as joint runner-up for the State Pearcey Award. The winner was Absolute Data Group CEO, winner of the Women in Technology Innovation Award and winner of the QBR’s Women in Business Award for Technology, Tammy Halter. She’s a superb industry advocate and works tirelessly to drive business to Queensland, whilst also promoting the value of an IT career among women. And her company has just been listed in the Q400 list. A well-deserved win, and I’m just blown away to have been placed in her field.

My co-runner-up was another inspiring woman, Kirsty Garrett, the Director of Valintus and former Client Executive at Fujitsu, Australia, and Vice President of Global Marketing at Mincom. Again, I’m completely in awe of Kirsty and so proud of her work.

The rest of the field of nominees for the award was incredibly intimidating – I felt I had no chance at all, but was honoured to have been nominated. Now to have received a Commendation is completely surprising and totally humbling. I’m very proud to have been among those recognised in this award and have spent my evening hugging my certificate. And how about that to have had three finalists for the award all being women? Fabulous stuff for the industry!

Thank you to the wonderful Brett Hooker for nominating me, and huge congrats also to Brett for winning the national Pearcey medal for his superb work in the industry!. Finally, a heart-felt thank you to all those at the Pearcey Foundation who work so hard to advocate the great work being done in information and communication technologies in Australia. I’m exceedingly grateful to you all and promise I will do my very best to ensure that ICTs in Australia continue to grow and flourish.

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