Quick back update

Just a quick thank you to all who have sent in wishes and support on the back injury I sustained a fortnight ago.  Good news is that I’m now back on my feet and back in the office.  Bad news is that I’m still catching up with things that happened in my absence and now as many of my staff are on leave, I am trying to hold the fort together for the next couple of weeks. Oh and I have a go-live event this week.  Yay team.  

But the physiotherapist was VERY pleased with my progress, saying I hold some kind of record for recovery of activity and movement after a serious back injury.  I reckon a lot of exercise and appropriate levels of therapy were key to that quick recovery.  But it’s also been a very tiring and painful fortnight, so it’s good to feel almost pain free after such a beating.

Anyway – thank you all. Your kind words and support were invaluable.  

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