Quick editing check

Am in the midst of writing about 4 papers at the moment and am struggling to represent the distinction between economic and humanistic evaluation techniques applied to the process of collaboration. Does the following paragraph make sense to everyone out there?

“If ‘value’ can be considered as the difference (in a mathematical sense) between costs and benefits, and should be distinguished from ‘utility’ as an indicator of the capacity of a system or network in facilitating productive connections, then consideration of the significance and overall worth of collaboration should be expressed by means of inductive reasoning; analysis of costs of collaboration (absolute as well as historical, opportunity and comparative advantage) should be interpreted in light of alignment with organisational objectives and the capacity of the technologies to fulfil specific functions required by the business. Once the worth of collaboration has been ascertained, it is simpler to determine incentives for using collaborative technologies and motivations for participation in a technology-mediated collaborative network.”

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