Quick roundup

There is so much that is bloggable at the moment it’s just not fair… I’m not even close to keeping up with email at the moment, but I’m hoping the situation will improve after Origin night tomorrow.

First of all, the possum man has come to my place and not only do I have a family of rats in the roof, but they’ve been fighting with the pair of possums who also are living there. Apparently my roof cavity is the Noah’s Ark of the rodent/marsupial* population of Brisbane. In the meantime, my sleep patterns are regularly punctuated by the screams and crashes of the Rodent Wars. I’m figuring I probably should be running a book on the outcome. Odds are 5:4 on for the possums belting the stuffing out of the rats. However if either species should actually get in to the apartment it’s unbackable odds that I will beat every last breath out of intruder. I can be a mean so-and-so when uninvited rodent/marsupial* guests pop in for a bit of warmth and a forage around my pantry and/or potpourri.

In more important news, IT workers are being paid more (YAY!) and the new chief of Telstra wants to sell the rest of the telecommunications giant (BOO!).

Apparently the writers behind Star Trek were right, and wormholes aren’t any use for time travel, but the jury is still out on whether you can use wormholes to travel through space.

I so want an RFID set of house keys so I don’t have to drag mine around all the time, but I’d really need to have a sub-dermal implant to make it worthwhile.

The discussion between Steven Levy and Uses of Blogs chapter author, Mark Pesce, on the future of television is well worth a listen.

And finally, the Sith Sense (a variation on the game of 20 Questions to work out what you’re thinking of) is a hoot.

* Edited for accuracy. Possums, as Stephen notes, are not rodents but marsupials. I just figure if they are in my roof and they are driving me nuts, they might as well be rodents. I can think of a few other choice descriptors, but this is a PG-rated blog.

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