Quick update

Wow. So much to blog; so little time.

Thanks to Kylie Murphy from the Ideas Festival for the most stunning bouquet of flowers as a thank you for my involvement as an Advisor to the Festival. This is the first bunch of flowers I’ve been sent in years, and it was an absolute pleasure to work on the Ideas Festival anyway, so this was just a lovely and most welcome surprise. Thank you, Kylie – it’s been a privilege.

Thanks also to Pat Kane for a myriad of new resources, ideas, links and experiences he has shared with me – Pat, you’re wonderful!

I seem to have spent the majority of today agreeing to write major business plans, draft strategic plans, CD products, articles and modules for study guides. Fortunately, most of them are paid gigs, so I’ll see some ROI for my time, but it looks like it’s going to be a busy Easter. After that, I’m up for some new consultancy work so anyone who wants to discuss new projects, feel free to contact me after Easter!

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