Quick weekly catch up

Okay the good news is I’m no longer in excrutiating pain. For the last few days I’ve been battling a bad case of back ache, I assume brought on from the fact that I’ve been getting to work around 7:30am every day and working a minimum of 12 hours per day at my PC, plus another few hours either teaching, doing business or more writing at my computer. When the massage therapist yesterday exclaimed, “I’ve never seen a woman with this kind of inflammation before in my life”, I figured it was bad, and the fact that I had avoided taking any anti-inflammatory medication or even a panadol was probably keeping a rather too-stiff upper lip (let alone stiff upper back). In any case, the massage plus a whole lot of heat therapy seems to have done the trick, and I’m now on the mend. Still a bit sore, but generally getting better.

The other good news is that it’s been a decidedly productive week, capped off with a fab couple of nights with my favourite person in the world. Thanks, babe. Sorry I was such a bad hostess with all the pain on Saturday night. Was great to be with you anyway.

The bad news is that I have very little to report. I’m enjoying my job (thanks to ACID!) and my life (thanks to said favourite person!) so all’s good. My brother and El are enjoying Europe, my calendar arrived from the Bureau of Meteorology and if I get the final chapter in from contributers to our book, we shall have that to the publishers by Wednesday too. So great news all round 🙂

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