Recent posts & moving on

jjpic_2013Having departed from 1000heads, I’m now doing consultancy work before making a proper decision as to my next venture. ┬áThere are a few offers on the table and I’m currently assessing them all before making a final decision.

In the meantime, here are my last 5 posts to the 1000heads blog:

Point of View | Negative customers vs trolls: wherein I attempt to distinguish between negative feedback which is constructive, compared with mere trolling.

Point of View | Driving demand in a customer-centred world: wherein I outline my presentation to the Better Business Club at HUB Sydney in December.

Point of view: 2014 is all about insight: wherein I predict that data will form the basis of all social business.

Point of view: Straightjacket social media policies: wherein I question whether social media policies are useful if they are too restrictive

Point of view: What wearable tech means for social media: wherein I consider how wearable computing might actually be useful rather than merely fashionable

More later this week!

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