Regarding my appearance on this morning’s Sunrise program

For those who are wondering why I didn’t challenge Bob Katter’s comments on Daylight Saving and skin cancer and getting kids to bed on time, all I can say is that I didn’t think the comments were worthy of responding.

The skin cancer issue was dismissed as absurd by the Queensland Cancer Council and more generally by Cancer authorities. See here:
ABC news story, October 2006
The Age article, October 2006
Brisbane Times article, October 2007.

As for the getting-kids-to-sleep thing, the relatively early sunset in SEQ means that the latest the sun would set with daylight saving would be 7:48pm with complete darkness by 8:13pm. By Australian standards, this is still very early. And if all else fails, there’s these wonderful things called “curtains” and “blinds” that can help darken a room. And no, they don’t fade when you have daylight savings.

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