Reminder and technological oddities

This is just your reminder to do your mind exercises for the day. Go read. Go write. Go create new neural pathways.

In other news, I have had the most extraordinary problems with email, messaging and aggregating of late. What’s odd is that these are probably the simplest applications of the internet and should be extremely straight-forward to fix. However, my mail server is intermittently adamant that my email address doesn’t actually exist, and if it does exist, then all my outgoing mail is listed on others’ computers as probable spam. My messaging program occasionally tells me that I can’t speak to people listed as online because I’m not online – only I am online at the time. Aggregators are producing syntax errors and feeds are skipping the odd post. It’s all very strange. Either there’s an internet poltergeist who just likes messing with my mind, or there are still some issues with moisture in the cabling to our apartment block.

I’m going with the moisture option. Internet poltergeists are scary.

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