Request for Information

If you were interested in finding out how we could use technologies to involve community members in:
– influencing commercial decision making;
– public debate on social issues; or
– fun activities with people of like interests
… what would you like to know, and/or what would you recommend?

All comments greatly appreciated.

EDIT: As I’ve been asked for more info on this post, I’ve placed some basics in the extended entry.

With the Manager of Community Information at the Brisbane City Council (Sandra Lynn) and the Manager of the Smart Living program at the Australian CRC for Interaction Design (Sam Bucolo), I am co-preparing a panel session on the use of technologies in engaging communities, at the United Nations Conference on the subject scheduled for next August. I am therefore looking for some of the issues that people might want to see covered in such a session, and to get some suggestions about what specific technologies we could show off. We already have some ideas from projects with which we are involved, but I’d like some suggestions from readers about what you would like to hear about this sort of thing, or some news on specific projects about which I and my colleagues may not have heard.

So no matter how small, obscure or even curious the question or project may be, if you can give some details about it here, I’d love to hear from you. I do promise to give credit where it’s due at the Conference!

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