Return of the Links!

It is with much shame that I notice it has been ages since I recorded anything particularly oriented towards my research and interests in this blog (besides cricket – GO AUSSIES!!! – and the Daylight Saving petition). In an attempt to rectify this failing, I offer today’s link fest:

– The BBC is reporting that online video through vehicles such as YouTube is eroding television viewing. (Yes I know I said this a while ago, but it’s nice to have the media back me up at last!)
– The Google Checkout system may be the new way of buying online but the effort you have to go through to complete a transaction may well require some interaction design tweaking.
– The folk over at Creating Passionate Users have a rather useful discussion on Web 2.0 that goes some way to describing why Web 2.0 is more than a buzzword. An amusing alternative is the ZdNet article on whether Web 2.0 is in fact, Darth Vader.
– If you haven’t already seen the Google Master Plan in all its Ros-Kelly-Whiteboard-Glory, then have a look here.
– There’s a nice new program designed to bypass Government Censorship initiatives. I’m wondering how this can be used in the office as I type!
– I enjoyed reading the SeekingAlpha story on the 10 Best Internet Acquisitions ever.
– And I’m sure the folk associated with QUT’s Brisbane Graduate School of Business will find the first of three essays on American Entrepreneurialism a provocative read!

Enjoy the linkfest!

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