Returned! Not Shipwrecked!

Have just returned from a weekend on a motor cruiser in a contingent from the Rotary Club of Fortitude Valley where much sun, sea and good times were enjoyed. We began on North Stradbroke Island at One Mile and headed around Horseshoe Bay, finally dropping anchor off Russell Island on Saturday night before heading back up to Newport on Sunday, against a rather rough North-Easterly wind. My friend, Rob, suffered a little seas sickness, so I’m glad again to apparently have the right constitution for sea travel, finding the rough seas rather more lulling than sickening, and finding a rolling and pitching 3 hour cruise to be a useful tonic for a long and loud night of wining, dining and carousing from Saturday night.

Of course, today, after very little sleep all weekend, I’m rather less than my bright and shiny self, but I’m sure I shall regain my panache after a while back at my pc. So happy Monday to you all and to all a good week!

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