Scotland the Brave!

Today has been another magnificent day in Scotland, beginning with a beautiful sleep-in and a leisurely breakfast in the West End of Glasgow and a little local sight-seeing before heading in to shopping at Buchanan St, Glasgow.

This afternoon involved a visit to Edinburgh and a tour through the new Scottish Parliament building – truly a superb facility with a distinct sense of participatory democracy as well as the national identity, history and iconography. Amid the splendour and medieval poetry of Edinburgh architecture, the Parliament campus has a distinctive and courageous design, articulating the organic and reflective nature of their newly-formed democratic process. Wonderful stuff.

This was followed by a wander through the streets of Edinburgh and a stop off at the Scottish Poetry Library and a wonderful hot chocolate espresso at the Plaisir du Chocolat salon at Cannongate on the Royal Mile.

Thanks once again to my wonderful tour guide and friend for making today so special. It’s been wonderful to see you again and I wish you all the very best of everything.

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