Shoe shopping in Oxford St

Well I did spend the equivalent of A$155 (A$154.55 to be exact), but I managed to get 3 pairs of shoes for that price in Oxford Street today.

I had intended to buy at least 2 pairs of shoes as I have only one pair of heeled, ankle-height boots and a pair of rather impractical court shoes for wearing to work, so I needed walking shoes to pound the streets.

Only trouble is that London doesn’t seem to know what walking shoes are. They can sell you flat Converse-style runners, or boots with tall heels, or light party shoes. But the shoe stores simply don’t stock what I would normally regard as good walking shoes – ie: leather shoes with thick rubber soles and only a slight rise. The only place that ended up stocking such footware was Marks & Spencer with their ‘Footglove’ range. So I manged to score one slightly better looking and one slightly more casual looking pair – both extremely comfortable and very low heels. But whilst I was there, there *was* a shoe sale on and I ‘m afraid I had to pick up a pair of brogue-style lace up shoes with 3 inch heels because they were originally £59 marked down to £19 and they make my feet look *fabulous*.

But hey. Even in Australia, 3 pairs of leather shoes for around $155 would still be considered a bargain. So I think I’ve done pretty well. And more to the point, perhaps my feet will stop getting bruised from all the walking I’ve been doing in my heeled boots!

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