Skippy the Bush Kangaroo Drinking Game

Shan and I have spent the evening reliving our childhood, in borrowing the original season of Skippy and have been barely able to keep our seat with laughter at the production values. Besides the prop-man’s hands in the shot for most of Skippy’s scenes, we’ve been highly amused by the fact that Skippy herself keeps morphing in to a wallaby in every third shot and Sonny really does need a second shirt. There’s a seriously questionable relationship between the helicopter guy, Jerry, and the teenaged brother of Sonny, Mark, and bad guys tend to spend a lot of time and money on equipment and plots to profit from the rather slim pickings of a national park land. The plots are bizarre and the scenes move exceedingly slowly. There are plenty of shots of the very menacing roo/wallaby, koalas look generally like they’ve had a hard night at the pub and always want to cross the road when the bad guys are driving on them, and if the harmonica soundtrack is anything to go by, possums are downright evil.

A brief search on the internet has failed to uncover a Skippy the Bush Kangaroo drinking game, and we feel this is a sad indictment on Australian Culture. As a result we would like to propose the following rules for the inaugural Skippy Drinking Game (©2006 Shannon Morris and Joanne Jacobs):

* Every time Skippy can hear a stone fall over a distance of 90 kilometres with those menacing and swivelling ears – 1 vodka shot;
* Every time a bad guy manages to get knocked out in a single punch – 1 soft drink;
* Every time Skippy attacks a bad guy by jumping on him – 1 tequila shot;
* Every time Skippy suddenly turns into a wallaby – 1 gin shot;
* Every time Jerry the helicopter guy takes his shirt off – 1 beer;
* Every time the Sonny is wearing a new shirt – rip your own shirt off;
* Every time Sonny calls Skippy on the gum leaf – make up a new rule for the drinking game;
* Every time you see the prop man’s hands in shot whilst skippy’s clawed hands are supposed to be doing something complex – scull whatever you are drinking.

We are fully prepared to review this game in future episodes, but right now we’re just deeply disturbed by the fact that Skippy is conducting mail fraud and concealing the Hammond’s mail in her pouch.

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