Small miracles

There was much excitement where I am living at the moment when a little lad was too impatient for the ambulance to carry his mother to the hospital before he graced us with his presence. Before 7am, a resident in the building took less than two hours from the time she had any indication of labour until little Oliver made his appearance in the driveway of our building. When the ambulance screeched to a halt and the dog next door continued to howl in response to its sirens, the mother only just managed to make it to the entry of the building before ambulance servicemen poured out of the vehicle and after a 30 second attempt to rush the family to the hospital, they completely gave up and instead delivered a 7 pound 2 ounce boy before driving the young Mum and baby to the Royal Women’s.

A very proud, but clearly weary father returned to the building with his older daughter this afternoon, deeply apologetic about having spoiled a sheet and a towel at the residence. Needless to say, the neighbours are hardly concerned.

My best are sent to little Oliver and his family. It’s nice to have been even a proximate part of such a small miracle.

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