Small victories

This morning I finally called the police to complain about a neighbour of mine who would probably best be described as an “old coot”. I’ve described this morning’s scene in the extended entry, but suffice to say that the assistance of the police was exemplary, and I am hopeful the source of frequent disturbances in my little block will forever be silenced.

After bashing his back door and screaming obscenities at our neighbours, my neighbour proceded to run a television set from 4am running dozens of taped horse races at high volume, with the full call bellowing out of his apartment and into the street. He was also running what appeared to be hairdryers, vaccuums or other devices designed to act as some kind of bizarre white noise. After making an early morning trip to his apartment and requesting that he turn his devices off, the man bellowed at me, accusing me of being involved with some kind of body corporate conspiracy, which had complained about *his* complaints. Disturbed by his behaviour, not to mention the television set which continued to drone on and on, I did the only logical thing and called the police.

I have to say this is the best experience I have ever had with the police. Sympathetic and kind, these officers took my complaint seriously, were generous and understanding, as well as educative about my options with this problem neighbour. I cannot speak highly enough of the support they offered and of their encouragement to call again if the behaviour continues. They have even recommended that if the aggression continues, I should seek out an Involuntary Assessment Order for this neighbour. While I hope not to have to pursue this option, the officers who attended my query feel this is something I should consider. His behaviour even towards the police was aggressive, and he initially refused to give his name and demanded they leave his premises when they prevented him from slamming the door in their faces. The police were clear that if he had not complied with their orders and requests for information when he did, he was seconds away from being arrested. But the police told me afterwards that his use of multiple devices as ‘white noise’ and his continuing tales of conspiracy (even against the police) were signs of a very unstable character.

My personal belief though, is that my neighbour is merely a bully who was probably furious that someone in our block had actually stood up to him, and called the police in to complain about him. Needless to say though, if he goes so far as to speak with me in a negative fashion, his behaviour will be regarded as threatening, and the Involuntary Assessment Order can be activated. I truly believe my neighbour will meekly, if not happily, attend to all the demands the police have made of him, and that my nights will ever after be quiet.

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