So much to blog, so little time

I know I’ve been less than exciting in my recent posts, but I’m hoping to make up for it with probably one of the best weeks of news in IT on record. It’s been a fascinating week, and one which has not had half the publicity it deserves. So I’m hoping to do my part to correct that.

First and foremost, to one of Bob Cringely’s finest posts, about how Apple and Intel are merging. Now it’s no secret that I have been a fan of Bob’s for a long time. Not least because he gave me one of the best interviews I got for the 1999 ABC Radio National series, In the Pipeline. (He was an absolute darling and I’ll love him forever for it.) And I also loved his book, Accidental Empires: How the boys of Silicon Valley made millions, battled foreign competition and still can’t get a date. But this article on the announcement of Apple taking on Intel chipsets has it all. He’s ripped back the window dressing from the announcement and reminded us of all the inconsistencies of this relationship. Bravo, Bob.

On a slightly lighter note, there’s the news that male geeks are now apparently more desirable among women. (How that impacts on female geeks I’m not entirely sure.)

In local news, the appointment of Solomon Trujillo as the new Telstra chief is either proof that the Telstra Board only like people with slightly surreal names (Ziggy Switkowski to Solomon Trujillo????), or that they really don’t know where the company is going. Trujillo’s political associations have ranged from left wing to right wing, and I think The Australian probably do well to describe him as a ‘visionary’. Essentially he’s more strategic than tactical. What that means for Telstra is anyone’s guess. I suspect it doesn’t mean much in the way of actual action. Ziggy was certainly more active than Solomon appears. (I think I hear a biblical tale coming on….)

In blogging news, blog ads are continuing to grow in profile and as a marketing channel to exploit. Given DoubleClick’s review of a decade of online advertising (released in February), and given the news from Blackfriars that the web and PR will collectively capture US$100 billion in advertising spending during 2005, the likelihood is that blog advertising isn’t going away anytime soon. Indeed, it’s likely to make a lot of bloggers very happy, because the marketers are getting smarter and only offering advertisements that interest blog readers. And bloggers can actually get paid by advertisers. It’s a hell of a lot better than being blog-spammed all the time, anyway. (And for what it’s worth, I will NOT be offering advertisements on my blog.)

In legal news, Larry Lessig has released a map of where Creative Commons has penetrated throughout the world. For those who have not come across the idea of Creative Commons, it’s a variation on Copyright law, where the author can voluntarily reserve some but not all rights to a work. This permits much more collaborative content production, and so is an interesting development in intellectual property in the digital age.

There’s going to be a new patch release to Windows next week, so all of you out there with limited downloads on your broadband accounts should beware of your limits for the month. And speaking of broadband, the adoption of residential broadband is growing at an enormous rate in Australia. Bigpond just announced that they now have over 800,000 residential customers.

I’m nowhere near finished with news for the week, but I’m aware this post is already too long. So stay tuned for more blogging goodness over the next day or two…..

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