Social Media Influence

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged because, frankly, I’ve been too busy with projects, but on the request of the folk behind the Social Media Influence Conference, I’m happy to promote the event, not only because I’m speaking there, but because as the event used to be Blogging4Business, and as I’m an advocate of social media both professionally and for the purposes of research, it seems only right to promote!

The event is to be held on 4 June at the Cavendish Conference Centre in Fitrovia/Noho in London, beginning at 9am. The event is focusing on the application of social media in business contexts and is specifically targeted at problem solvers, entrepreneurs and decision makers who should be using social media for the benefit of their organisation – both in terms of internal communication and the supply chain, and in terms of customer-facing activities.

I approve of these kinds of events: there needs to be more practical advice out there about how social media can be used to help influence communities of users. There’s a lot of stuff out there about how marvellous social media is, and what tools exist, and not a lot about how it may be deployed strategically. Unfortunately the whole notion of ‘strategy’ seems to be have been lost in the technology revolution. (I have even known technology exceutives who don’t know what the difference is between a strategic plan and a business plan!) But events like these can assist in renewing interest and focus on thinking strategically. I’m looking forward to my session and hope anyone interested (and based in the UK!) will consider registering.

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