Social software and learning

Thanks to Pete and Slashdot for the link to the recent Bryan Alexander article, ‘Web 2.0: A New Wave of Innovation for Teaching and Learning’. Alexander contends that the social software applications implicit in Web 2.0 are an opportunity for augmented teaching and learning opportunities. Rather than focussing on a single technology such as blogging or wiki, Alexander notes that it is the collective concepts of Web 2.0 that change the way we make, share and consume digital documents. The emergence of collaborative information discovery through blogs, social bookmarking, tagging, and negotiated discussion (social writing) are the key value propositions for educators. Whilst this article is focused on teaching and learning, the same value propositions of Web 2.0 applications apply to business and industrial contexts; it is the collective development and ongoing filtration systems that both increase effectiveness of business activities and sustain an innovation culture. Additionally, the tracking systems embedded in the architecture create a natural corporate governance framework, enhancing business transparency.

And just quickly there’s also a series of rather interesting blogging issues that have turned up recently. See my Blog on Blogging for details.

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