Society of Business Communicators Event

Thanks to the Society of Business Communicators for having me speak at their event tonight in Brisbane, and particularly to Liz for looking after me and inviting me to speak in the first place. A few people have asked me to make my slides available for download so here they are!

Also, some people who attended the event wanted more details about the BrisScience series I’m advocating; visit for details of the next event with Ed Blakely on climate change, scheduled for Monday week!

Finally, I participated in the Australian Flexible Learning Framework‘s e-conference today (until the network at my office died!), and was privileged to get what amounted to an intimate yet robust and lively lecture with David Weinberger at the keynote. Weinberger’s work as a blogger and business analyst is legendary, but I am looking forward to his next work, Everything is Miscellaneous, because it’s focussing on the synergies and contrasts between formal classifications of knowledge and the rise of personalised and social tagging. This is unique and fascinating territory, and I see many great opportunities for quality research on the ‘impact’ and reach of information published online. I have already noted that the citation rates of adequately tagged articles are finding their way to the top of Google Scholar ranking systems. I think using tagging as a mechanism to draw readers to your content could be a great way of driving traffic and consequently positively affecting citation impact of scholarly works, down the track. Interesting stuff!

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