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I’ve been very neglectful of my blog the last several days due to various other concerns. To fill the void, I offer some of the links I’ve been sending to H to keep him entertained whilst he’s overseas.

Doc Searles now has a strategy for saving the web from splogging (automated blogging for the sole purpose of generating advertising revenue)

The US National Science Foundation is planning an entirely new internet architecture. No need to panic though. It will probably take so long to build that any problems with the existing architecture will probably be resolved by the time the Global Environment for Networking Investigations, or GENI, is released from its bottle.

Robert X Cringely thinks Google has peaked as a company.

– The BBC wants to sell music downloads, and is considering investments with partner businesses for the process.

Intel thinks they can produce a technology that protects wireless networks

– Growth rate in traffic online is slowing (although that’s probably to be expected – critical mass probably occurred in 2004)

– Intel have joined (and invested A$37million) with Sydney based Unwired Australia in promoting WiMAX mobile broadband capabilities throughout Australia

– The advisory roles to the federal government have been extended in the lead up to the full sale of Telstra

– On a lighter note, Natural energy has never been more hysterical than with a hamster powered phone charger.

Jason Kottke is saying that the next killer app is desktop web servers.

– Engadget now has a Konfabulator widget.

– And in case that makes so sense at all, check out Konfabulator.

– Slashdot has an interesting thread on IT management from the IT workers’ perspective.

– A Manchester Uni researcher is claiming men have higher IQs than women. Of course this finding is (stupidly) being interpreted that men are cleverer than women, rather than the actual finding which is that IQ tests inherently, but only marginally, favour men.

– And finally, in the cutest dog story ever, a lost dog managed to take the right train home and get off at the right station when he lost his owner.

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