Something 2.0

I know my friends and learned colleagues in the group IT Strategic Partners (hi to you all!) are mightily sick of the ‘Web 2.0’ tagline to describe the more social web achieved through vehicles like blogs, social networking sites and collaborative online spaces such as wiki. But I’m afraid all the grumbling won’t take away the mass hysteria over the tag and the adaptation of it for describing social tactics across all facets of business and society. Just today on ReadWriteWeb, there are no less than three ‘2.0’-oriented cliches applied to activities…
1. Business Development 2.0 – where you generate new business through social networking platforms and instant messaging rather than picking up the phone;
2. Support Group 2.0 – where you can find a digital analyst who can take you through your many neuroses; and
3. Marketing 2.0 – where the instant messaging service meebo will be rolling out personally targeted ads through its architecture, in spite of its own research demonstrating the oft-quoted truism that social networking users generally express a desire not to have advertising pushed at them.

And I’m not going to shy away from ‘2.0’-isms. I will instead jump on the bandwagon and recommend you all go and talk to the far more social Joanne 2.0. (Warning: she’s a bit of a flirt.)

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