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I’m liveblogging the final session of Day 1 of the Blog Bus tour.  We’re looking at how Orange Silicon Valley directs and amplifies tacit knowledge within and beyond the organisation.

The knowledge transfer team within Orange is tasked with ensuring that interviews and conversations with the smartest people in Silicon Valley get spread to the widest possible audience.

[JJ’s comment: I should get these guys to talk to 1000heads.  I reckon my company might be able to help with this.]

The first project that Orange has pursued is the ‘her code’ project, which focused on women in IT and science.  They mapped three generations of women – Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y – and characterised them by their employers, as ‘the makers’ of the informational web, ‘the connectors’ of the relational web, and ‘the amplifiers’ of the emotional web.  It’s clear that the social web has a strong, if not dominant contribution. So the opportunities for women are opening up.

The next project the group focused on was the ‘Porous Enterprise’, a concept where the value for an organisation is ensuring that information flows in and out of an organisation.  The porous organisation encourages process transparency and provides the basis for the creation of intelligent filters.

[JJ’s comment: the Shift Index is referred to, addressing productivity issues as discussed in the economic review I covered last week.  Unfortunately the efficiency index isn’t the way to address the shift index.  You need social engagement with sources of knowledge to truly improve productivity. Quite like the porous enterprise concept as facilitating knowledge flows – effectively what my company does in creating social contexts for knowledge exchange.]

The next project presented is the Dev Nation report. This is an analysis of how software is being developed in the Valley and how developers are supported in their development projects.

[JJ’s comment: I must read this.]

Some of the responses on the Dev Nation ongoing study is motivational models for projects.  The notion that hackers hack for joy and profile (as much or indeed far more than profit) is identified as an essential element of the state of the dev nation.

Another project Orange Silicon Valley has produced is the social commerce report.  New business models and new interfaces to shopping are transformational both pre-purchase and post-purchase. The functions of new shopping processes are mapped to the various new technologies out there, showing a clear identification of trends in the social commerce space towards saving items for repeat purchase, reviewing products and sharing products.

The next report developed by the Orange crew is on what makes research.

The objective of this unit within Orange is clearly to create new opportunities for scale and for adaptation of data for alternative purposes.  As such, research in a totally-connected world differs from the traditional model of fundamental research.  It’s not replacing academic research but it may turn business investment toward internally driven research projects in the private sector rather than government backed academic institutions.

Another report developed by the Orange crew is on ‘where did IT go?’. The focus of this report is in terms of the disappearance of physical infrastructure in (dominantly) business firms, as it is migrated to the Cloud.  This appears to be a useful analysis of the implications for business as well as the need for greater business agility in a hyper-connected world.

The final report discussed is the ‘Who’s hiring who?’ report Orange developed, investigating how companies find talent to assist their business development.  There is a proposition that Mergers and Acquisitions are the new R&D.  The statistic to support the proposition is that Citrix acquired 13 businesses since 2007 and increased the share price by 220%.

There’s also the growth of the role of Chief People Officer identified as a means of developing, articulating and supporting business cultures.

[JJ’s comment: maybe Australia needs a Minister for People?]

So what is it it for Orange to be building these research reports?  They believe that these reports help focus attention on new investment products (like those demonstrated today).  They also believe that knowledge transfer is a contribution they make to the Silicon Valley community.

The address for all these reports is http://isuu.com/orangesv.

[JJ’s comment – so great to see firms creating such fabulous reports, crowdsourced from interviews, events and data generated both internally and externally.  Should be more of this in corporate cultures.]

That wraps up my coverage of the Orange business day as part of the #BlogBus tour.  Hope this content has been useful! I’ll be blogging over at live.orange.com tomorrow and for the rest of the week as well as providing daily summaries here on joannejacobs.net.  See you tomorrow!

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