Spine Stories

Well after four days of intensive physiotherapy and three days of icing my back (yes, packing it with ice paks for 15 minutes per session) I am finally getting some movement in my back again, and now with my lower back taped to prevent my usual tendency to tuck my lower back under (kind of the opposite of a sway back) I feel like my tail is sticking right out. And, I’ve been ordered to exercise more, so from next week I’ll be heading back to the swimming pool for some exercise and getting back to daily pilates to develop enough core strength to operate properly again.

Now let me just make something very clear here. This WILL MEAN I will appear to lose weight.

So for those of you who have been so pleased to see me with meat on my bones over the last few months, this is fair warning: I will soon appear scrawny again. However, the change in my body shape will be healthy and will not mean I require a darn good feed. It will simply mean that my very muscular frame is being properly strengthened to support a spine with a nasty scoliosis.

You have been warned. You may now go about your business.

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