Stephen Colbert for President (and more!)

I’m so glad Stephen Colbert has decided to run for President. He has my vote. It’s just a shame we don’t have anyone that smart or that funny here in Australia to run in the current federal election.

And for all those about to get out of their seats and start saying “Chaser’s War on Everything”, I have to say… no, there still isn’t anyone nearly as funny. Not even close. I did think the Chaser crew’s evaluation of APEC was the funniest thing I’d seen on TV in a long time, but in general I find Chaser rather hit-and-miss. And last night they most definitely missed. Don’t get me wrong; I love cutting parody. But last night’s Chaser wasn’t parody, it was just unfunny. 25 years ago the D-Generation were the Chaser team of the day and they were superb. They were tasteless at times, sure, and they got stuck into shallow personalities in a big way, but they understood the line between comedy and cruelty. I’d recommend the Chaser team sit down and watch a few episodes of the D-Gen and its offshoots (the Late Show, FrontLine, The Panel and Mick Molloy’s wonderful films, Crackerjack, Bad Eggs and BoyTown) to see what great Australian comedy is all about.

The Chaser team may have been around awhile, but it’s clear they still haven’t learnt what comedy should be. And they sure as hell couldn’t raise the kind of support that Colbert will in a general election.

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