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The post title describes the following, so here are the details….

* Google stuff
– There are changes afoot for search engine optimisation with Google search results pages ending up being linked to as destination pages. This impacts both on marketing and particularly in-line advertising for rich media content.
– The UMPC (Ultra Mobile Portable Computer) market is finally maturing with Google recognising a marked growth in hot mobile phones being used to access internet content.
– Google just keep losing on their bid to trademark gmail in Europe.

* Other stuff
– Due to slowing of the global economy, eMarketer has revised its estimations for online ad spend downwards, but it’s still going to be worth $25.8 billion for 2008.
– A New York based entrepreneur has started up a professional introduction service for business with the unfortunately titled SalesConx. Let’s hope this isn’t just a series of sales cons(x).
– Adweek have a nice case study article on how a social-networking-oriented online media campaign has longevity well past the expiry date of traditional media in an integrated multichannel campaign.
– Probably not the most bizarre use of Facebook, but animal researchers have been recording squirrel behaviours on Facebook and found that between the 65 squirrels studies, there’s only three degrees of separation among them. Now I’m sure that little bit of profundity should get you through the day.

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