Summer weekends

It’s been an interesting weekend.

I caught up with Sideways, which was delightful and funny and sad all at once – though slow to begin with; a typical Alexander Payne trait. I can see why both Virginia Madson and Thomas Haden Church were nominated for Academy awards. They won’t win them, but they were well-deserved nominations. I have also seen Closer, which is probably only going to strike a chord with anyone who can identify with the characters – which I did, and therefore I found it fabulous. Again the supporting roles were, much like in Sideways, so prominent and powerful they almost eclipsed the primary characters. I’m not interested in seeing most of the other award-nominated films until they come out on DVD.

Friday night was fun and even the tennis was good to watch – whilst I am sports mad, the tennis I’d have to say I find the least enjoyable to watch. I probably can only deal with the finals as worthy watching. But the company was great, thanks to Camilla and Shan & Matt. Saturday, too, was fun, catching up with some people I haven’t seen in ages, at Westy’s farewell. Good luck in Canada, Westy. You’ll know you’ll be in my thoughts and my very best wishes will always be sent your way.

There’s also been some interesting tech news this past few days, including the A$9 million investment in e-health – an obvious investment avenue as a combination of biogenetics and information systems management. And there’s also further debate about the role of VoIP as an arbiter of further industry convergence. My old lecturer, Prof Trevor Barr, was saying this was going to happen back in about 1991, but we now at last have the tools to make it happen.

But today will be a day of work 🙂 Speaking of which, I had better get started!

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