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Global Access Partners: National Economic Review

Tweet I’m liveblogging this event today from NSW Parliament House.  We begin with a keynote from the Minister for Trade in Australia, Craig Emerson.  This session is called ‘Restructuring the Australian Economy in the New Asian Century’.  ______________________________ It was … Continue reading

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Top 5 Questions about the Australian election

Tweet In an eerie replay of the UK election a few months back, I’ve had to change very few of these answers to distinguish the Australian electoral result. 1.  Who won the Australian Election? No single party. Not even on … Continue reading

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Australian Election: Unprecedented uncertainty

Tweet Last week an old QUT colleague reminded me that I normally compose a blog post identifying my prediction about major elections and I had not yet done so for the forthcoming Australian election. So this is a response to … Continue reading

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Australia’s new Prime Minister, and her predecessor

Tweet First of all I want to take this opportunity to wish Julia Gillard the very best for her new role as Australia’s first woman Prime Minister.  I’m personally delighted that a woman I admire so greatly – and with … Continue reading

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Thank you Queensland and Australia, generally

Tweet What a fabulous trip I had downunder!.  Thanks to all who came and met me in what turned out to be an extremely busy 6 days.  I loved catching up with people and generally enjoying the Queensland sunshine.  Of … Continue reading

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Thank you, Melbourne

Tweet I can’t believe I’ve been here in Australia for 8 days and I’m heading up north with my Mum to the Gold Coast tomorrow.  I’ve had a glorious time here, mainly spending time with family and old friends. I’m … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to my Mum


Tweet Here I am in Oz and have spent the last few days catching up with family and close friends and it’s all been delightful.  And today is the day I came for: Mum’s birthday.  It’s a milestone year for … Continue reading

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Quick follow up to the Bushfires event

Tweet … I am proud of the generosity of my countrymen.  We raised around £13,500 at and after the event on Friday at the RSA – around A$30,000.  Not bad for 4 days planning and a bit of work on … Continue reading

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