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Fairness, justice and twitter

Twitter Justice

Tweet There have been countless analyses in past weeks on twitter and various issues surrounding super-injunctions, libelous activities and privacy invasion.  I’m not going to engage in an extended rant about this, but just to summarise my perspective: In spite … Continue reading

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Privacy: what’s left?

Tweet It would be hard to miss the outcry online today, following the news of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s comments in an interview that have been described in news media articles as saying that privacy is no longer ‘a social … Continue reading

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Geolocation, Foursquare and usability

Tweet Okay let’s get this out of the way: the two technologies that I think are going to mature in 2010 are geolocation and augmented reality.  And yes, geolocation is really a subset of augmented reality anyway. There now: I’m … Continue reading

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