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Help needed: how can I improve this formula?


Tweet I need some feedback on the following and am genuinely looking at ways to improve this formula to better explain the effects of content sharing on reputation. I’ve been thinking about a way to calculate brand reputation online with … Continue reading

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Influence & marketing

Ripples by Lee Jordan from Flickr

Tweet Last night I spoke at an event in London for marketing and PR practitioners on influence. I quite deliberately constructed a presentation which I knew would not be popular; I wanted to challenge marketing professionals on their focus on … Continue reading

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India and the art of hospitality

India gift for the teacher

Tweet I’ve just returned from a fantastic period in India teaching International Marketing to MBA students in Bangalore at Christ University, and tough as the hours were, it was great to be teaching again.   But I think what stays … Continue reading

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Business and Social Media – A forced relationship? Notes from BCS event

Frustration - by GKS on Flickr

Tweet Last night I was on another panel at the BCS discussing what is perceived to be a forced relationship between business and social media.  A good night was had by all panelists and Itua did a great job in … Continue reading

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Influence versus everything else

Man with a heart

Tweet Following up on a panel I was on during social media week, it’s time I followed up on some of my statements about influence and social media.  Brass Agency captured the thoughts of several of speakers at Social Media … Continue reading

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An Ecology of Engagement: Notes from Social Media Week London event

Digital Black and White by traceyp3031

Tweet Today I presented on an ecology of engagement to people from museums and cultural industries at the Tate Britain, thanks to Farhan Rehman at Total Media and Social Media Week London.  I’m sharing below the notes I made for … Continue reading

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The Art of Brevity

Sharp Colour by SFB579, from Flickr.com

Tweet There’s been a great deal of teeth-gnashing and wringing-of-hands lately about social media and its supposed impact on deep thinking and considered argument formation, let alone relationship development.  These (largely groundless) concerns miss a crucial aspect of deep thinking: … Continue reading

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Social Media Reality Check

POLIS event: Social media reality check

Tweet I’m at the LSE at the first of Charlie Beckett‘s Social Media Reality Check events for 2011.  Tonight’s session involves a panel including Hibah Hussain, Christian Gladwell and Ellen Helsper. 18:34 Charlie Beckett opens the event saying this is … Continue reading

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Word of mouth and incentives for social media campaigns

Buzz - from Wikimedia Commons

Tweet Recently I’ve been approached by a number of people in the digital marketing sector to provide advice or give feedback on social media seeding campaigns for businesses. While each campaign has been different, and needed to address the specific … Continue reading

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Liveblogging breakout sessions

Tweet I’m in the CISCO breakout session on Cisco’s journey with social media.  The speaker describes the history and human resource/financial rationale for engagement.  She notes the following four pillars of engagement: People: Invest in policy development, training and recognition … Continue reading

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