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Social media presence

Orange Real Times Business Magazine

Tweet In other news, my article has appeared in the Orange Business Services magazine, on social presence and the enterprise.  Feel free to have a read and comment either here or over at the Orange blog.

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Unique views versus active users

Unique views

Tweet The fastest area of growth in my business at the moment is in customer engagement and social media performance measurement. Clearly this is indicative of three things: 1. Most companies at least have a social media presence, even if … Continue reading

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The trough of disillusionment for social media strategies

Gartner Hype Cycle

Tweet I’m getting a lot of work lately from PR, media and buying agencies on social media strategy development.  And I love it.  It’s interesting work and I believe in what I am doing.  I’m subject to non-disclosure agreements so … Continue reading

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Social Media Reality Check

Tweet I’m liveblogging from the POLIS and PR Newswire event, The Social Media Reality Check, at the London School of Economics. Keep refreshing this page for updates! 18:35 We’re getting underway here and I have to say the gender dominance … Continue reading

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‘Best Practice’ and social media

Tweet First of all – happy new year!  Good to be here in London and forging ahead with work in the technology and social media space. But now as I bubble away on several simultaneous tech and social media projects, … Continue reading

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2010 and social media advisors

Tweet As we get to the end of the year and the end of the decade, there are a lot of posts and articles listing top 10 successful companies/gadgets/social media incidents, as well as company/gadget/social media failures.  And there are … Continue reading

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Rage Against X-Factor: Don’t kid yourself

Tweet I’ve been reading a lot of coverage over the ‘surprise’ Christmas #1 ‘hit’ (a 17 year old metal rap song from Rage Against the Machine).  And regardless of what you think about the campaign, the quality of the RATM … Continue reading

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Social Media in Business: Notes from the day

Tweet I’m taking notes at the Social Media in Business event as there’s no internet connection at the venue.  Darren Forsyth (for is currently opening the event) has described this as being ‘serious’ 🙂 We’re starting on time but I … Continue reading

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Social media marketing propaganda

Tweet Amidst the absurd flow of articles I’ve come across associated with social media and business in the past few weeks, I’m most irritated by headlines such as ‘how to make $$$ with social media’ and ‘all the tricks of … Continue reading

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Social Media Expert Bashing

Tweet It has become an unfortunate trend lately, for mainstream media commentators and even tech media commentators to criticise social media consultants as a bunch of silicon snake oil merchants.  Part of the reason given for the criticism, is that … Continue reading

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