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Martha Lane Fox: Getting it wrong (Edited: but prepared to correct herself)

Tweet EDIT: To her credit, Martha has clarified her post and noted she was only asking an open ended question. ___________________________________ This morning, UK Digital Inclusion Champion, Martha Lane Fox tweeted Pew Internet research from the US on the average … Continue reading

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Measuring the wrong things

Tweet Over at CNNMoney, writers are hailing the end of Web 2.0 and the emergence of Web 3.0.  Let’s leave out, for the present, that they completely miss what Web 3.0 is purported to be, and have in fact shown … Continue reading

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Rethinking connectivity

Tweet Over the coming weeks I’ll be speaking or facilitating conversations about how social media can be deployed for positive action, be it in commercial contexts, public sector organisations, non-profits and charities or in research.  But unless I’m speaking to … Continue reading

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Collaborate or Quit!

Tweet There’s an interesting article from Dennis Howlett on the ‘Poverty of Enterprise 2.0‘ in today’s ZDNet. It needs a darn good edit as an article, but the value of the article is in its central perspective that businesses and … Continue reading

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